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Marvin T. Warren, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Over 37 Years of Excellence


  • Testimonial #1
    I have used Attorney Marvin Warren for over 20 years now, for various legal needs. Mr. Warren has always been and continues to be informed, accessible, user-friendly, confidential and professional. I know you may be thinking; "that's what they all say". But what places Attorney Marvin Warren above the rest is the fact that "he really truly cares about his clients".

    It is not just about the money for him. When I was facing another very difficult divorce, I found myself fighting back tears. Atty. Warren observed that I was not very sure about the divorce and what was happening. I ran out of his office and burst out crying, running through the hallways of the building. Mr. Warren tried to comfort me advising me to go home, think about it some more, and pray on it with my now estranged husband. While my husband was trying to get me to stop crying so loudly, Attorney Warren was assuring me that I had the right to cry and the right to take my time about this. He tried to encourage us to at least try to work things out. Although my ex and I were unsuccessful in saving our marriage, I can attest Attorney Warren was not interested in the money, but more interested in me as a person". Those facts alone are monumental and show outstanding qualities about his character and his values.

    I would recommend Atty. Marvin Warren to anyone. I love him and he is by far my favorite attorney.
    Dr. Deborah Watson
  • Testimonial #2
    Mr. Warren: Just want to say a quick but sincere thank you for your invaluable legal advice.

    My group was quite worried regarding our rights at our Church. You quickly and efficiently told us exactly what our rights were and gave us a letter to back up your advice. After presenting the church with your words and letter, we have had no further problems, even though you offered to come to the church personally and speak with the congregation.

    Your charge for these services was fair and reasonable.

    Again thanks for helping us to avoid a situation.

    Rev. & Mrs. Clifford Carter
  • Testimonial #3
    My parents had their backs against the wall. They were out of options. They were told to call the BAR Association, however all attorneys would say they wouldn't accept the case. Some attorneys were up front and told my parents they would pay more for an attorney than they would get back in the case.

    We remembered we had an attorney at our church but he didn't handle housing cases, however he recommended Attorney Warren. Attorney Warren accepted the case and was very generous on the fee. He got right down to business no questions asked.

    My parents and I will be forever grateful!

    Anon, Cleveland, OH
  • Testimonial #4
    Mr. Warren has done an outstanding job collecting delinquent accounts for our business.

    I recommend Mr. Warren for any legal requirements you or your company may require.

    Tim Gebhardt Vice President, W. Lewis Sales Co., Solon, OH
  • Testimonial #5
    I would like everyone to know that a pleasure it was to have Attorney Warren represent me in a recent case which can go on record showing a positive outcome.

    I felt confident, well informed and protected. His knowledge of the legal system was tried and true.

    If ever I need an attorney to represent me again in the future, it will be Attorney Warren.

    Patsy Ozanne Harris
  • Testimonial #6
    Mr. Warren has handled all of my Legal affairs from quick claims to legal affairs for the church. He has proven to be knowledgeable and timely.

    He has also done legal work for other family members. He is dependable and fair.

    We would recommend him to anyone.

    Stanley Lockhart
  • Testimonial #7
    I have known Marvin Warren, Esq.for better than 20 years and know him to be an excellent Lawyer. I have used Marvin on many occasions over the past 15 years.

    His work product, knowledge, and attention to detail are outstanding. His work ethic, attention to detail and overall legal abilities are superb.

    Over the years I have received only the best responses from friends of mine that I have referred to Marvin Warren.

    I have been very pleased with the service provided and results obtained.

    I would highly recommend Marvin Warren, Esq. for his highly ethical and professional representation of his clients.

    Lisa M Jamison
  • Testimonial #8
    I have known Marvin Warren since 1985, approximately 30 years. When I first met him, Marvin was fresh out of law school and very eager. He has always been a book worm and has extensive knowledge of the law. I remember him taking me to the law library and teaching me how to research the law. He was very patient and well-informed when it came to answering my questions.

    Since then Marvin has helped me with several business endeavors over the years and he still has that same excited energy now about the law as he did back then. He has even been able to help me expand my business through over 12 states.

    Marvin is very compassionate. I would highly recommend him. He is patient and truly cares about his clients.

    Timothy L. Miller
  • Testimonial #9
    Attorney Warren defended me in an Adversarial Will Contest with favorable results. He's the lawyer's lawyer who aggressively fights for his client. In my case Mr. Warren quickly grasped the issues, sized-up the personalities, and then applied his 35 years of litigation experience to bring a complicated and contentious case to a close. I enthusiastically recommend Marvin Warren without hesitation or reservation!
    Robert Otto Carson


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